Why is my car insurance so high

//Why is my car insurance so high

When it’s car insurance, one may wonder why on earth your premiums went high again. It’s not rocket science, but some several factors may cause an increase in your rates. Don’t despair, though. There are some things you can do to get your rates lower, and most of them aren’t difficult to implement at all.

Your Driving Record: Good or Bad?
Even one ticket for speeding can raise your car insurance rates for up to five years! Add in the fines and court costs, and it doesn’t take long to realize that speeding reaches a lot further than just dealing with the police officer. Keep your speed within limits and let those tickets fall off your record. You’ll see lower rates, and it’s safer, too!

Your Zip Code
Believe it or not, where you live also affects your premiums. Those that live in an urban area will pay more for their insurance than those that live in the country. The risk of an accident is higher, as is the chance of theft or vandalism. While you may not be willing to move to get a lower premium, you can get a discount by garaging your car, especially in those areas with a high crime rate.

Your Household Drivers
In most states, you are required to list all people who are ages sixteen and above and have a valid driver’s license on your policy. If you have someone who has a rotten driving history living with you, then your insurance rates will be higher. In other states, you may be able to leave this type of driver off your policy and require them to get their own. If possible, this is the best option since it will save you quite a bit of money on your premiums.

Whether You Kept Continuous Coverage
Many people let their coverage lapse because of financial difficulties. However, you will end up paying more when you do get car insurance. Most companies have higher premiums for people who have not carried continuous coverage for at least six months.

A Final Thought or Two
It’s illegal in all fifty states to drive without liability insurance. The fines are stiff, and you could lose your driving privileges for up to a year. If you don’t have coverage on your vehicle, it’s best to leave it in the driveway until you can get it.

If you are a driver who wants the peace of mind to know that if an accident occurs, you are covered, then make sure to purchase comprehensive motor insurance coverage. There are a few steps you can take to lower down your premium, but until you have more driving experience and are older, you are likely to face quite high rates for your insurance.