Buying A House VS Condo: Which Is Better For You?

//Buying A House VS Condo: Which Is Better For You?

Owning property can be extremely exciting, especially for first-time buyers. It seems that there are plenty of people asking the question of whether it’s better to purchase a condo or a standalone house. It’s important to evaluate both options fairly and consider your personal needs before making the final call. Here are some things you should be considering:

Importance Things To Consider While Buying A House

Your budget and income:

First and foremost, before you even begin your search you need to figure out how much you can afford for the down payment and how much money you qualify for with a mortgage loan. Regardless of how much money a bank is willing to give you, you need to calculate your monthly costs based on income.

Size and upkeep of property:

Once you establish how much money you can reasonably spend, you also need to understand what your responsibilities are when you purchase a condo or a single-family home. Condos will always be smaller and more affordable simply because they are often taken care of by a homeowner’s association. On the other hand, single-family properties offer you more freedom in terms of size, but any potential fixes will need to be paid for by you completely.

Location of the property:

You may be looking for a single-family home, but if you find a condo in a much better neighborhood with million-dollar views, it may be a better investment. Everyone always tells you that location is everything, and it truly is when it comes to investing in real estate. Even though you’re not considering selling your home right now, chances are you may want to sell down the line, which is why you need to choose your neighborhood wisely.

Ease of future selling:

It’s a known fact that condos can be harder to sell simply because of HOA fees as well as a lack of privacy. If you’re looking to retire, a condo is perfect for your needs. However, if you’re looking at your home as a potential investment, a single-family home will always be easier to sell as there are more potential buyers available.


Now that you’re ready to move into a new home, it’s important to make your choice. When it comes to condos versus single-family homes, the battle is never-ending. You need to consider the pros and cons of both and your needs in order to make the decision to visit My Meridian Insurance – Homeowners insurance Ohio that’s right for you and your family.