Applying for a Social Security Card

//Applying for a Social Security Card

Your social security number is a unique identifier that you should use in most dealings with the government. You will provide it to your employer so that your employer can report your income and you will use it for tax purposes. You will also use it when you are trying to claim benefits. Your social security number is required if you want to work or claim benefits in the United States. For this reason it is important that you make a note of it (or memorize it if you can) and then keep your card in a safe place at all times. There is no need to carry your social security card around with you. Doing so merely increases the chances of it going missing.

Can I Replace a Lost Social Security Card

If you lose your social security card, then you can replace it. You can get a maximum of ten cards in your lifetime. If you notice that your card has been stolen or is missing, then you should replace it as soon as possible. Be aware that the limit is a hard limit, however, so if you lost some when you were young, and others when you moved house, then you might already be approaching it. Take care of your card because it is in some ways even more valable than a passport!


Can You Get a Social Security Card Online

You can get a new social security card online as long as you are a US citizen with a valid US postal address, and you are not requesting to have any changes made to your details when you request the card. You will need to provide valid photo ID when you request the card online. Only driver’s licenses and state-issued ID cards from specific states are accepted via the online form. If you cannot provide those then you will need to apply using the paper form – there are more forms of ID accepted via the paper form than there are online.

Is There a Fee to Get a Social Security Card

There is no charge to apply for a new social security card. The SSA will issue cards to people who qualify for a new or replacement card free of charge. There are some websites that promise to provide people with cards for a fee – these websites claim to offer ‘check and send’ services or application advice. There is nothing that those services offer that you would be able to get via the official website. You should use only the official website, If you provide third parties with the information that the SSA website requests, then you run the risk of identity theft.

Your application may be delayed if you use a third party website, and there is no need to pay a fee when you can ask the Social Security Administration for advice at no extra cost to yourself. There is a wealth of application guidance provided openly on the SSA website. Find details at